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PostSubject: FACTION RULES   FACTION RULES I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2013 1:43 pm

Entry Level – 45+

Decadence (referred to as Deca in the remainder of this post) is a family style faction. We are famous for maintaining a courteous and respectful faction. We have had members under the age of 10 and some of our members allow their children to play their characters on occasion. We have established Rules of Conduct that permit all of our members to be in a comfortable faction where they can have fun.

Rules of Conduct – Consistent violators of any of these rules will result in being booted from Deca.

RPK – We do not allow pking of white named players. You may hunt red names at your own risk. If you drop a piece of gear, do not expect us to help you replace it.
In Deca only squads, some of our members pk each other at the end of an instance. We call it “Tripping” and it is all done in good fun. We do not pk each other in mixed faction squads. If someone says that they don’t like to be “tripped”, then their wishes should be honored and they shouldn’t be “tripped” again. In all cases, a Deca member should never be hours red. Pink is the only acceptable color.

Language - We do not allow offensive language on Faction Chat. Altering the spelling of PWI censored words so that they pass PWI spelling censors is absolutely forbidden. In addition, sexually related topics are also not allowed as well as other common sense topics that polite society knows should not be discussed.
Remember when you are talking on World Chat, you are speaking as a Deca member. You are expected to follow the same rules as Faction Chat so that you represent Deca in a proud and courteous manner.
How you speak in Squad Chat is up to you and the tolerances of the squad you are in. If you choose to speak in gutter language in a squad, that is your prerogative.

Respect – All Deca members should treat each other with respect, especially the officers. They are there to enforce the rules and will be shown respect for their positions. We do not seriously call each other “Fail”, demean other members when they make a mistake even when it causes your character to die or even a squad wipe. We all make mistakes. So all that is required is an apology when it happens and “No Worries” from the rest of the squad. This does not mean that we cannot tease each other. It is not hard to tell which chat is serious and which chat is teasing and all in good fun. If an officer tells you that your language or your behavior is not permitted, you are expected to stop immediately.

Base Quests – Faction base quests are required for all 50+ characters. If you have multiple 50+ characters in faction, they must all show merit. You may pick one main character to do base quests on the majority of the time. But all of your characters must show regular improvement in merit points. It is not acceptable to do a base quest on an alt and then never do another base quest on that character again.

Base Trials – Currently we only do base trials on Thursdays at 7:00 est/server time. If you are logged on, you are expected to attend. If you are going to be in a cat shop, please put an auto reply on your character. If you are going to be logged on, but afk, please contact an officer and let them know. That way you are showing consideration for the others who are attending base trials and helps prevent them from waiting around to see who is going to show up for trials.

Alts – Space permitting, you may have one alt for every 90+ character you have in faction. There is no level requirement for adding an alt. However, remember that every character you have in faction must show regular improvement.

Help – If you need help, ask for it. If someone is available, they will help you. If you are able to provide help when someone asks for it, then please volunteer to help them. Remember that people who constantly ask for help but never offer to help, soon find that their requests for help start becoming ignored or in short supply. If you have an alt in another faction, do not ask for mats from TT runs or from Deca members. It is not within our mandate to gear characters that are not in Deca.

About your Leader – I want everyone in Deca to have fun. I do my fair share of teasing and “tripping”. But I have no tolerance for gutter language or offensive behavior. I fully support my officers when they are enforcing faction rules with a firm officer mentality. Remember that this is a place where you come to have a good time. Don’t log on when you have had a bad day and take it out on any Deca members. If you develop a relationship with a Deca member and that relationship goes sour, do not visit your problems on Faction Chat.
Do not bring drama to Deca. It will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another Deca member, you are expected to resolve the issue in pms not on Faction Chat.

Most of the rules mentioned above are just good common sense behaviors that anyone would expect from other people. So have fun, be considerate and you will find that Deca is the best faction in PWI.

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